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DINO-CARS® has been a family run business for more than 100 years ! Starting as an agricultural engineering company, Theo Evers made his first go-kart back in 1994 and has been a successful producer of wheeled fun ever since. Today, DINO-CARS® are Germanys number one go-kart manufacturer, enjoyed by children of all ages as fun, healthy and safe activity toys. As you would expect from the leading German manufacturer DINO-CARS® have a large dealer network throughout Europe giving our customers a superb after sales service. The current MD of DINO-CARS® is Matthias who, as a part of the Evers family, is personally involved in all aspects of the business and in 2009 has invested in a new production facility to enable the company to meet increased demand. With new products in 2009 and more due in 2010 the new production line is ready for even more increased demand in the future. Dino have always focused on producing well designed and engineered products, built with high quality raw materials and finishing off with a tough powder coat enamel protection for longer life, that gives years of enjoyment to our customers.


We believe "Made in Germany" still stands for high quality and excellent value, always using the latest technical and safety standards. DINO-CARS® represents the highest German standard in both design and build, in fact we guarantee it!


  • All DINO-CARS® are fitted with a free-wheeling system and most have reverse. The free-wheeling allows you to ride safely even if you don't want to pedal (some exceptions include the BABY & BUGGY).
  • All larger karts come with handbrake as standard and have multi-adjustable seats to suit most ages. All Dino karts are pre-assembled then dismantled for packing so everything is guaranteed a perfect fit and because of our design only takes minutes to assemble..
  • Assembly instructions included it's easy enough for most parents to build using a small home tool kit..


DINO-CARS® stands for superior German quality and design which is why we can provide a two year guarantee on our go-karts and a five year frame guarantee. Dino ensures all its dealers are fully supported with parts back up service with parts shipped all over the world to keep our owners running smoothly. All DINO-CARS® are both CE marked and are TUV approved.

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Our team consists of highly qualified team of mechanics and designers who create the best products for our customers. We even carry out daily safety checks and quality inspections.

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Dino cars ZF Icon


Our most used and tested system allows you to go forward, freewheel and by switching a lever gives you reverse.
BF3 Icon


Forward, freewheel, reverse and a reverse pedal brake along with 3 gears.
Dino Cars BF5 Icon


Same features as the BF3 with the addition of 2 gears..
Dino Cars tractor style tyres icon

Tractor Style

These tyres have extra grip, perfect for the an off road look.

5 point seat adjustment

Allows the seat to be moved for your size & comfort

6 point seat adjustment

Allows the seat to be moved for your size & comfort

Floating front axle

A smoother ride on rough terrain, keeping all 4 wheels on the ground.

Plastic steering mounted

Sports steering wheel

upgraded steering wheel for a more sporty feel.

Frontspoiler, plastic

An extra on most karts for good looks and a sporty feel.

Frontspoiler, metal

A heavy duty spoiler used on karts for top of the range styling.

Double ball joint steering

Added to karts for a smoother ride for the driver.

  • Norman and Catherine Anderson
    We've had the pleasure of dealing with Autoculture for well over 10 years. When we started working with Autoculture in 2013, we had a well established business relationship with another European go kart manufacturer. The difference was like night and day. We've never looked back. After several thousand transactions with Autoculture, we've remained friends, establishing a solid business relationship. They've supported our business, and I'd like to think, we've supported theirs. We first worked with Mark and Sally Searle, both of whom have a wealth of experience and are always available to offer sensible advice and support when needed. Their daughter Hannah and her partner, Andy have joined the business. They have brought fresh ideas, and a new impetus to the business. We look forward to working with Andy and Hannah. If you are looking for a dealer that you can trust, a dealer that is 100% supportive, and above all, a dealer that you can build a solid relationship with, look no further!
    Norman and Catherine Anderson
    Karts Online Ltd
  • Colin
    We have used Dino Cars at our Scout Campsite for many years. They are the most robust, durable and aesthetically appealing cars on the market. We have a large number of customers from aged 6 to adult, all who enjoy these cars. As an organisation we run a National Scout Pedal Car Olympics in January. This regularly gets over 300 young people racing over the weekend in nine different events. We use a large number of cars from the Dino range including dragster tractors, trikes, Quads and the twisters. I'd recommend Dino to all Scout Campsites Thriftwood... your next adventure
    Thriftwood Scout Camp
  • Bought a Dino kart for my 13 year old and have to say I am very impressed with the build quality. For my son - gets him away from the computer games and out in the fresh air. Great buy
  • Bought a Dino for my 9 year old daughter and not only does this give her lots of exercise and fun, it also fits us parents too. Fantastic buy that will clearly last for years
  • Bought a kart for my 8 year old and this is the best present ever. All the kids in the close queue to have a go and next year we will be buying a trailer for the back